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Programmers are best taught by other programmers.


Mind the Geek offers a series of Workshops conducted by top-notch programmers who love what they do. With small batch sizes and an intimate environment, they're a great way to learn something new.

These workshops are meant for self-motivated personal development and are priced accordingly. if you'd like to organize a corporate workshop, please contact sudhir.j@mindthegeek.com

Ruby on Rails Primer

This primer is an introductory session on Ruby + Rails: we'll build and deploy a simple RoR application, learning what we need to as we do so. If you're a web programmer curious about Ruby on Rails or a beginner who wants to get a firm grounding in the fundamentals, this is a great way to get started.

Google App Engine Primer

A introductory session on Google App Engine: working with Python, we'll look at the how App Engine differs from other platforms and what you need to do differently use it to it's full potential.

Test Driven Development in Java

There's a common misconception that TDD and testing only applies to dynamic languages like Ruby and Python, and that Java programs tend to be untested, heavy and clunky. We'll debunk this myth by writing beautiful, test-drived code in Java using just JUnit and Mockito.